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The Beacon is printed at Evergreen Printing Company in Bellmawr, N.J., using the air-dried (coldset) web offset printing method. The Beacon follows Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) guidelines. For more information about SNAP go to


  • Stories may be submitted as an email message or as a Microsoft Word .docx file attached to an email message.
  • Photos should be a minimum of 150 dpi — any image size smaller than 100 KB is unusable.
  • We strongly suggest that no manipulation be done to an image — please send us the original as it was downloaded from the image-capturing device.
  • We strongly suggest that images not be embedded in Microsoft Word .docx files — if there is a photo accompanying a submission please attach it to an email message separately.
  • Mailed submissions are accepted. We will return a submitted photo if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided.


  • We welcome press-ready PDF files generated in the CMYK color space with all fonts embedded.
    • All colors must be CMYK process colors. PDF files using RGB colors and/or spot colors will be converted to CMYK if possible — The Beacon will not be responsible if this conversion gives an undesirable result.
    • PDF files containing "rich black" or black made up of equal amounts of CMYK will not be accepted; all black must be 100%K.
    • Maximum ink limit (also known as Total Area Coverage) for our production environment is 240%.
  • We welcome TIF files if they are at least 300 dpi at the final usage size.
  • TIF files must be created using CMYK process colors and a maximum ink limit of 240%.
  • JPG files are NOT recommended for advertising reproduction.

Graphics Programs

Fine Rules and Small Type

Rules that are 4 points or less, as well as small type should be reproduced as one color only. Small type is defined as: Sans-serif type, 8 points or smaller; Serif type, 14 points or smaller.

Reversed Rules and Type